Two paddleboarders rescued after being swept out to sea at Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea

Three Cliffs Bay is a popular seaside spot on the Gower Peninsula. Credit: PA Images

Two paddleboarders have been rescued after being swept out to sea at Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea.

Horton and Port Eynon RNLI was initially called out to a report of a child on a paddleboard being carried out by the current at nearby Oxwich Bay, Gower, on Saturday afternoon.

Upon arrival, rescuers found the child had already been helped back to shore, but were then informed of two women in trouble between Oxwich Bay and Three Cliffs Bay.

RNLI volunteers Dave Tonge, Will Metcalfe and Jeremy Littlejohns rescued the first paddleboarder who was "exhausted", before discovering the second had made it to shore.

Rescuers said the paddleboarders had been going against a strong wind.

Rescuers said there was a strong wind that meant that the paddleboarders were paddling against the wind.

A Horton and Port Eynon RNLI spokesman said: "Paddleboarding is a relatively new sport which has grown in popularity over the last few years.

"It is easily accessible for people who want to explore the coastline and those wishing to use their board in the surf.

"All types of paddleboarding may involve contending with difficult water and weather conditions. It is very important to stay safe.

"When going out on the water I would advise everyone to check the weather, tides and the wind conditions.

"If you find you are paddling against the wind then consider returning to shore rather than trying to battle the wind. You will never beat the elements.

"Also remember that it is colder on the water and dress appropriately, consider wearing a wetsuit.

"Always wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid and take with you a radio or mobile in a waterproof bag so that you can call for help if necessary.

"You should also get the appropriate level of training."