NHS75 : Meet the newborn babies sharing the NHS birthday celebrations

As celebrations take place across the country marking the 75th birthday of the NHS, it's business as usual on the maternity wards at The Grange Hospital in Cwmbran.

Newborns have been welcomed in to the world sharing their birthday with the advent of the National Health Service.

Natalie Arthur with her daughter just four hours old

Just four hours old and sleeping with a special NHS 75 hat on, mum Natalie Arthur is cradling her yet-to-be-named daughter:

"I've had amazing care, just really overwhelmed. Can't wait to get her home and for the family to meet her.

When asked about the service she received during her pregnancy, she told ITV News:

"They've just been amazing, the last six weeks I had some complications, and just everyone has been absolutely fantastic. They've done amazing work, and honestly they just don't get praised enough"

Mum Harjeet with her triplets Amrits, Guneev and Jasmaine

In another room mum Harjeet is a recent new mum to triplet daughters Amrits, Guneev and Jasmaine. She's been in hospital with them for the last few weeks and had very positive things to say about her care,

"The NHS is very cooperating and I'm proud of the experience.