Ely: Thousands attend funeral service of best friends Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans

  • Report by ITV Wales reporter, Kate Lewis.

Thousands of people turned out to pay their respects at the funeral of two teenage boys who died in a crash in Ely, Cardiff.

A large funeral procession took place through the streets of the suburb carrying the coffins of Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, who died in May, ahead of a joint service for the pair.

The cars carried the teenagers' names which was followed by two more hearses that read "best friends" and a convoy of Rolls Royce vehicles.

  • A family friend said she will always remember their "cheeky little smiles" and described them as "lovely boys"

Our reporter Kate Lewis was outside the church, where she said "hundreds of people gathered and all were very respectful, calm and quiet".

Due to an ongoing investigation by the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) into the actions of South Wales Police, the funeral on Thursday was managed by Cardiff Council.

Following the procession through the streets of Ely, the hearses arrived at the Church of the Resurrection and the coffins were carried in ahead of the service.

Relatives say the two boys are being laid to rest in the same plot. Credit: PA Images

The two teenagers were riding an e-bike through the Cardiff suburb and were being followed by a police van moments before they crashed on 22 May.

Following their deaths, large scale disorder broke out in Ely which has so far led to 27 arrests.

Mourners lined the streets outside the church wearing blue at the families request. Credit: PA Images

The boys’ friendship group organised limousines, hearses and eight Rolls Royce cars for the procession as well as a procession of motorbikes.

Around 1,200 people were permitted inside the church and over a 1,000 stood outside in the churchyard and street where the service was broadcast to crowds via a large screen and sound system.

Many wore blue clothing as requested by the family, and a blue carpet lined the path from the road to the church entrance.

Relatives said the two boys were laid to rest in the same plot.

  • A plane pulling a banner that reads "RIP Kyrees & Harvey young kings" is circling overhead

Schools in the area were also closed for the time of the funeral due to the large numbers and traffic expected.

Canon Jan Gould, from the Church of the Resurrection Ely, said: “It’s important for the family especially, but actually for the whole community have some closure now and to begin to move on.

Both coffins were carried into the church as hundreds of mourners lined the streets outside. Credit: PA Images

"My hope is that moving on from this now the community can begin to rebuild. And hopefully the families will find some peace from the service.”

Herbert Thompson Primary School Sheena Marsh said: “It is a very difficult day today for the whole community as we mourn the loss of Kyrees and Harvey.

"Over the past few weeks, we have seen many community members come together to support the families and to prepare to celebrate the lives of these much-loved boys.

People also watched the service on screens outside the church. Credit: PA Images

"As a school, we have such fond memories of Harvey and Kyrees when they were younger and they will always have a special place in our hearts.”

The Canon said since the deaths and the riot the church has remained open all day to allow people to come and light a candle and talk about Kyrees and Harvey.