Police officers nominated for bravery award after Jack Lis was killed by dangerous dog

Police Sergeants Ross Philips(Left) and Isabelle Coulson (Right) Credit: Police Federation

Two police officers who controlled an aggressive dog that mauled a 10-year-old boy to death, have been nominated for the National Police Bravery Awards.

Police Sergeants Isabelle Coulson and Ross Philips were the first to restrain a dangerous dog called 'Beast' in Caerphilly where Jack Lis was killed in November 2021.

The Police Federation mentioned that "acting quickly", PS Coulson "distracted the dog" and PS Phillips "entered the property and attended to Jack."

CCTV footage dated 4/11/2021 showing the dog in Caerphilly trying to attack someone. Credit: Gwent Police/PA

It had made attempts to escape from the property, but PS Phillips "managed to keep the dog inside" and moved Jack away from the dog.

He later on discovered that Jack had died from his injuries.

Chair of the Gwent Police Federation, Matthew Candy said, “The brave actions undertaken by both officers show their complete selflessness and dedication to their roles as police officers.

“Both Isabelle and Ross acted professionally in such dreadful circumstances, and they did all they could to preserve life."

Emma Whitfield, Jack's mum says she feels like nobody's changed or learnt from the mistakes.

Meanwhile, Jack's mum, Emma Whitfield, 32, is calling for “Jack Lis Law” following the attack by an XL Bully – a breed developed from the American pit bull terrier.

Emma describes how much she misses Jack and that life will never be the same for her and her family.

"I’m just trying to do this for Jack. My aim is to not let this happen to another family or another person.

Jack Lis with mum Emma Whitfield

"I struggle to hold my emotions back when I’m asked specifically about Jack...and I don’t think I can ever be able to talk about these things without getting upset.

"Two attacks further after Jack in the same area, I feel like nobody’s listened or learnt from the mistakes.

"Everyone from around my area knows what happened and I don’t understand how it can keep happening."

Arrests of two people, a man and a woman, from the Caerphilly area were made for offences relating to the ownership of the dog and responsible for the fatal attack.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hobrough also added, “Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Jack, who sadly died as a result of this harrowing and shocking case which has left a huge impact on our communities.

"Both of these sergeants showed outstanding bravery.

“Their actions exemplify the character and professionalism of officers across the country who place themselves into dangerous or life-threatening situations."

The awards will be allocated on 13 July to honour 90 police officers across the UK, including eight Welsh nominees.