The adorable dogs enjoying life after rescue from puppy farm in Bargoed

The dogs were found with matted fur and covered in fleas Credit: Media Wales

These photographs show the happy new lives of dogs rescued from "atrocious" conditions at an illegal Welsh puppy farm.Dozens of dogs and pups were rescued from a house in Fochriw, Bargoed, following a raid by council staff, police and RSPCA officers, and a vet.

Credit: Media Wales

The property was in a filthy state with floors covered in faeces and urine, and little water light or fresh air for the dogs, many of which had dirty matted coats and were infested with fleas.

Officers also found a number of puppy pens in the house which were far too small for the number of pups being kept in them and the dogs were "desperate for attention and play" and were nervous around people, indicating a lack of socialisation.

Credit: Media Wales

The farm was being run by mother Julie Pearce, aged 57, and daughters Rosalie Pearce, aged 33, and 24-year-old Kaylie Adams who sold the puppies online and advertised them as being as being the offspring of much-loved family pets.

However, the reality was very different - the pups were actually the result of a large-scale and profitable puppy farming operation which earned the mum and daughters £125,000.

The defendants were handed suspended prison sentences at Cardiff Crown Court earlier this week and were banned from keeping any animal for 10 years.

Credit: Media Wales

Following the raid on the puppy farm in March last year the animals were placed in the care of Hope Rescue, and after providing much-needed care and attention for the neglected dogs the charity was able to find new homes for all 54 of them.

And as they these photographs show, the future for the animals looks might brighter than their past. Sara Rosser, operations manager of Hope Rescue, said: "We were pleased to be able to support the hard work of Caerphilly County Borough Council trading standards with this case. It was shocking to see so many dogs living in such awful conditions.

"The majority needed to be completely clipped off by our staff at the centre because their coats were so matted in faeces and urine and many were covered in fleas.

Credit: Media Wales

"Some of the dogs were also pregnant or feeding young puppies and needed additional care.

"After living such sheltered lives many of the dogs also needed extra support in learning about normal dog things such as walking on a lead, travelling in a car and house training.

"We are pleased to say that all of the dogs have now gone on to find wonderful homes where they have become much loved family members and able to live the lives they deserve."