Kelly Jones recalls telling neighbour: 'We're not playing Tom Jones records, he's in the kitchen'

Tom Jones recently performed two sell-out gigs at Cardiff Castle and has more later this month

Stereophonics and Far From Saints frontman Kelly Jones has recalled a hilarious story about his friendship with Welsh music legend Tom Jones.

The pair, whose friendship spans more than 25 years, came back together this week when Jones' new band Far From Saints supported the 83-year-old during his Cardiff Castle concert on Monday.

The pair's friendship goes back a long way Credit: PA Images

Speaking on the Radio 2 Breakfast show on Friday, Kelly Jones told presenter Zoe Ball about one of his funniest memories with Tom.

Zoe asked: "You’re close to Tom?"

He said: "I’ve known him since 97. I played with him last weekend, Cardiff Castle."

Then he recalled a story once about when Tom came back to his flat after recording on the Jools Holland show.

"We were having a drink in the house, and it was going on a bit. 

"And the guy above came down and we were singing and stuff, the guy knocked on the door and he said: 'Look, I’ve got a really early appointment in the morning, can you turn the Tom Jones records down a bit?’

"Stuart [Cable] comes to the door and said: 'What’s the problem over here?’, and he said: 'Look I’ve got to get to sleep in the morning, can you turn down the Tom Jones records?’We said, 'We’re not playing Tom Jones records, Tom Jones is in the kitchen singing’. He goes: 'Yeah right’, so I go: 'Come and have a look’.

He said the neighbour walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Tom Jones standing there. Jones said the neighbour responded and said: "Fair enough, have a good night".

Jones said Tom then commented: 'That’s the problem see when you have a flat, there’s always somebody above you that’s got something to say.'

Kelly tweeted following the recent gig in Cardiff saying it was "amazing" introducing his new band's music to Wales, and described Tom as his "second father".