Sweet shop owner who sold knock-off 'Wonka' bars fined £10,000

Incorrectly displayed allergen information posed a threat to people allergic to milk and soya. Credit: PA

A Powys sweet shop owner has been fined for selling knock-off "Wonka" chocolate bars which posed an "imminent safety risk to people".

Powys Council's trading standards found that the chocolate bars did not have allergen information displayed correctly on the packaging.

Landrindod Wells Magistrates' Court heard how the poorly displayed allergen label made the bars potentially hazardous to people who have allergies to milk and soya.

The bars' packaging also included trademarked designs which didn't belong to the mid-Wales sweet shop.

The owner of Mollies Sweet Shops, Alan Price, pleaded guilty to the ten charges under the Trade Marks Act and the Food Information Regulations.

The fake "Wonka" bars were deemed an imminent safety risk to people with allergies. Credit: Powys County Council

Price owns stores in Powys, as well as in Chester, Ludlow and Telford.

He was fined £7,200 for the offences and made to pay more than £3,000 in other fees.

Cllr Richard Church, cabinet member for a Safer Powys, said: "This case demonstrates the value of the work that Trading Standards does.

"It is their aim to protect members of the public who suffer from allergies, at the same time Trading Standards are protecting brand holders to ensure a wider resilient and healthy economy.

"Despite attempts by Trading Standards to provide advice and guidance to the business owner, this was ignored, which is why this case was brought to court.”