Flintshire cat carrying knife captured on owner's CCTV

A Flintshire pet owner has captured the moment his cat came through his door carrying a knife.

Jay Phoenix caught his cat, Gingee, a four-year-old Maine Coon, creeping through the cat-flap of their Buckley home brandishing a knife.

"Around 3-4am, I heard tapping on the [bedroom] door, but it was a strange tapping - like someone was using their nails, or something hard," Jay said.

"I didn't think anything of it, but my partner woke up at around 8.30am, opened the door, and [Gingee] was just lying there with a knife in front of her. That's when we got onto the camera to have a look and, sure enough, there she was."

Gingee was adopted last November Credit: Jay Phoenix / @gingeethekleptokitty

The 43-year-old says he set up CCTV cameras after Gingee began to gain a reputation as the local 'cat burglar', bringing home dozens of objects from neighbours' homes and gardens.

With two cats in the household, Jay says they wanted to see which one was responsible.

"Things started getting a bit strange," Jay said of the month after the couple adopted Gingee.

"The first time we saw her walk through the living room with a pair of kitchen scissors in her mouth, out of nowhere. A few time a month, she'd just bring random things through the door."

But, out of all the strange items Gingee has brought into the house - a child's spade, a sieve, a water-balloon toy - Jay says that the knife is by far the strangest and the most terrifying.

"I mean, we always thought it was strange her bringing toys in, but to threaten us with a knife I think is a bit odd," Jay said.

Jay and his partner, who adopted Gingee last November, have even taken to posting on local social media groups in an attempt to reunite neighbours with their stolen items.

Gingee's exploits have been captured on CCTV so many times that Jay has sat up a TikTok and an Instagram account for her under the name 'Gingee the Klepto Kitty', gaining 13 million views on their Instagram Reel of her taking the knife.

"The amount of comments and like we got was unbelievable - people thought it was hilarious," Jay said.