Introducing 20mph limit in Wales will cost us more money and time, say taxi drivers

  • ITV Wales reporter Hannah Thomas spoke to taxi drivers in Rhoose.

Cab drivers say that the reduction in the default speed limit to 20mph is going to cost them time and money.

The cabbies in Cardiff also said they think that the change will lead to an increase in road rage among drivers.

The change comes into force in less than two weeks, on Sunday, 17 September.

The Welsh government decided to lower the limit from 30mph to 20mph in built-up areas last year Credit: PA

John Lewis, who is a taxi driver in Rhoose, told ITV News Wales the move will cost people like him more money.

"High speed is one thing, I appreciate that entirely. Nobody wants to be going past a school or hospital at high speed where there are children around or vulnerable adults, etc," he said.

"For a main road, just a normal road - how does 20mph change anything? It's going to be costing more fuel.

"If I've got to go slower, obviously it clogs up the DPF (diesel particulate filter) on the cars - that's going to be more repair bills for the car and therefore in the long run, it's going to cost us more money."

Alex Leonard is also a cabbie in Cardiff. He said working in the 20mph zones in the city costs him extra fuel every day.

"I couldn't get out over second gear," he told ITV News Wales.

"It's just a row of cars and every day I filled up my tank and it would be an average of £7 more a day."

Mr Leonard said the policy means "slower jobs", explaining that the customer will then have to allow more time to get to their train station.

He added: "They potentially might miss their train, if they're going to catch onward travel, so it's going to have not only an impact on me but on the customer as well."

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