Strictly Come Dancing's Amy Dowden shares 'hardest step so far' in cancer treatment

Friends and family were invited to cut off pieces of Amy's hair to prepare her for the next stage in her journey, as ITV News' Amy Lewis reports

Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden has undergone her "hardest step so far" in her treatment for cancer as she shared a video of her shaving her head.

Posting on Instagram, the 33-year-old said she was "taking control" on her journey through cancer treatment.

The professional dancer announced in June that she had undergone a mastectomy after discovering that she had stage three breast cancer.

Caerphilly-born Amy Dowden has been a Strictly Come Dancing professional since 2017 Credit: PA

Dowden later said doctors found another type of cancer and has since been documenting her experiences, hoping it will raise awareness and encourage others to check themselves.

The Caerphilly-born dancer, who joined BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, said she was treated in intensive care after her first round of chemotherapy last month.

"Taking control. The hardest step so far. I tried my best to save it," she wrote in a post on Instagram. "I know it’s only hair but these past few months I’ve had what feels like so much taken away from me that has made me not feel like Amy."

"I’m missing every possible aspect of dancing. I just wanted to keep my identity with my hair and I tried telling myself it wouldn’t go. But I would dread the pain of waking up to the shedding everyday."

"I’ve not been able to take control of this journey so far, but as you can see with some of my loved ones I took the courage and control.

"It’s going to take some time to get use to and learn to love and embrace but, I’m now focusing not on the hair I’m losing, but the hair I’m going to get back and the happy dancing, tea lover who talks way too fast whilst rolling every rrrrr [sic] who is still there inside with or without hair."

Dowden added that she feels she can "now see the finish line" and was feeling "empowered" and "positive" after taking the step to shave her hair.

Signing off her message, she wrote: "To everyone on their own journey, whatever that may be, I'm sending love, power, strength and courage. I found my courage for this step and I'm proud."

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