Bangor mum-of-five wins big on National Lottery EuroMillions draw

A mother-of-five from Bangor became a millionaire overnight after having the “strongest of feelings” she had to buy a National Lottery ticket.

Ceri Ann Roscoe-Roberts, 42, had initially forgotten all about buying a ticket for Friday’s special EuroMillions draw, but described how she woke up on Saturday and discovered she had won £1 million.

"I am surprised the car didn’t overturn, it was shaking with the jubilation of us all shouting", Ceri said when their win was confirmed. Credit: The National Lottery

“There was just something telling me when I woke on Saturday morning that I had won big on The National Lottery” she said.

“It was the strangest feeling ever! I picked up my phone and looked at my emails and there was one saying there was news about my ticket.

“I logged into my National Lottery account and there was the confirmation, I was indeed a millionaire! I had to pinch myself as I thought I was somehow in the middle of a dream and none of this was actually real.”

Ceri and her husband Paul "love their jobs" and won't quit, but are excited to buy a dream home for their five children and three dogs. Credit: The National Lottery

Ceri and her husband Paul have no plans to give up work as they both “love their jobs.” 

Ceri, a registered manager of a domiciliary care company and Paul, 45, a golf course manager, did however discuss their plans to buy a new, larger house and treat themselves to a new car each.

“This is something we have wanted for a long time. And now we have the capability of buying our dream home!”, she said. 

Just one week prior, the pair adopted a third dog to which Ceri said: “Paul went crazy and said we had no room for another dog – I said we would make room! Never did I believe one week later I would be in the position to buy a new house and have an extra special room for our new addition to the family.”

"Don’t worry son, losing the football game doesn’t matter – we’ve won the lottery!’” Credit: The National Lottery

She continued: “There are just so many emotions right now, I still keep saying to myself – ‘OMG, have we really won? Is it really us?’. You just never think it is something which will ever happen to you, but it has!”

After discovering their £1 million win, the couple accompanied one of their sons to a football game.

Ceri added: “My son who was playing football at the time, returned to the car disappointed because his team had lost, but I just simply said to him – ‘don’t worry son, losing the football game doesn’t matter – we’ve won the lottery!’”

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