Who wants to be First Minister of Wales? Gething says 'people won't take long to know who he is'

  • ITV Wales' Political Editor Adrian Masters asks Who Wants To Be The Next First Minister?

The race is underway to become the next leader of the Welsh Labour Party and as a result, the next First Minister of Wales.

Two candidates are vying for the top role but what makes them different and what would each of them do if they're successful?

It is Welsh Labour members who will vote for who they want to be their next leader but whoever wins will make decisions that affect the entire country.

Vaughan Gething MS, the Economy Minister, is one of those in the running to become First Minister. ITV Wales' Political Editor Adrian Masters sat down with him for a special interview to ask the question 'Who Wants To Be The Next First Minister'?

Vaughan Gething was born in Zambia and brought up in Dorset. He was educated at Aberystwyth and Cardiff universities. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

In a recent poll for ITV Cymru Wales, 11% of people asked thought Vaughan Gething should be the next leader of the Welsh Government, that is compared to 72% who did not know who should be the next First Minister.

Just 3% thought Mr Gething's rival for the job, Jeremy Miles MS, should be the next leader of the party.

Mr Gething said it "won't take very long for people to know exactly who he is" when it comes to the right person for the job.

He said: "There will be lots of attention on all of the candidates and what we have to offer. That's why I think the next few days will certainly raise people's attention.

"When you're in post and then you get to lead for the country. I think it won't take very long for people to know exactly who I am."

As minister for economy since 2021, Vaughan Gething has been responsible for driving the Welsh Government's economic policies and strategies.

When asked about Wales having the lowest average wages in the UK and how he can increase it, he explained: "Well, it is very simple, it's more and better jobs. Taking advantage of the green industrial revolution.

"Not just energy offshore, but what does that mean for our key futures and advance manufacturing at a whole range of other areas? These are real growth industries with good wages."

When challenged on why he has not already achieved this as Economy Minister, he said: "But we have made real improvements in a range of areas. The wider picture for the UK economy is difficult but look at the semiconductors.

"The enormous investment that has taken place and I'm proud to have played my part in securing that investment."

Vaughan Gething previously served as the Minister for Health and Social Services from 2016 to 2021. Credit: PA Images

On 20mph, both Mr Gething and Mr Miles have pledged reviews of the policy introduced by the Welsh Government in September last year.

The lowering of the default speed limit, which the Welsh Government says was largely for safety reasons, has divided public opinion.

However, Mr Gething stuck by the policy and said he would think about its implementation. He said: "We need to support local authorities to deliver changes and crucially, as I say, to listen to the public.

"I'm prepared to review it and to think about its implementation. So, that's both the review of the guidance and asking the public on the roads they travel whether they are walking, cycling or driving - a specific area that they'd want to see changed."

He said he would not be scrapping the policy but would "listen to the public".

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