Plaid Cymru peer appointed as youngest member of House of Lords

Carmen Smith, 27, is a former chief of staff for the Welsh Senedd Plaid Cymru group. Credit: Plaid Cymru

A Plaid Cymru nominee has been appointed the youngest member of the House of Lords.

Carmen Smith, aged just 27, was the party's only nomination for the UK Parliament's second chamber.

Ms Smith's new role has been officially approved by the King, meaning she will join Plaid Cymru's three MPs and one Lord - Lord Wigley - in Westminster.

She will become the youngest Lord by three years, with the title previously held by Boris Johnson's former advisor Charlotte Owen.

A former Plaid Cymru advisor, Ms Smith said: “I am looking forward to joining the Plaid Cymru team in Westminster and getting to work on behalf of the people of Wales. That task is an urgent one, and I am eager to play my part.

“Alongside our MPs, I will be fighting for a fair deal for Wales and holding this and future UK governments to account. I will be unashamed in advocating for a fairer, more sustainable, and ultimately independent future for Cymru."

She added: “As a young woman, I will work to inspire the next generation of women to take an active role in our communities and our nation.”

As a party, Plaid Cymru is opposed to the House of Lords. Credit: PA Images

As a party, Plaid Cymru is opposed to the House of Lords.

However, in a statement the party said: "Wherever Wales is debated, Wales must be represented."

The party appointed its only other member of the House of Lords in 2011.

The former chief of staff for the Welsh Senedd Plaid Cymru group is not the only person to have been nominated, with eight put new peers approved from the UK Conservatives and four from UK Labour.

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Reacting to Ms Smith's appointment, Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth said: “I warmly congratulate Carmen Smith on her appointment. She will be an asset for Wales in Westminster’s second chamber.

"We need as many Plaid Cymru voices as possible in Westminster to demand fairness and ambition for Wales - I know Carmen will deliver at every opportunity.

Plaid leader Rhyn Ap Iorwerth said: "We will continue to oppose the unelected second chamber resolutely." Credit: Sharp End

“We will continue to oppose the unelected second chamber resolutely as a matter of principle, but, while it exists, Plaid Cymru believes in ensuring that wherever Wales is debated, that Wales is represented.

"I hope that this appointment now paves the way for Plaid Cymru to secure a representative team in Westminster’s second chamber.”

The party's leader in Westminster Liz Saville Roberts said: “I look forward to welcoming Carmen to our team in Westminster.

"She will be an asset in holding the UK Government to account and fighting for a fair and progressive future for Wales, for young people and for women.”

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