Thieves risk 'serious harm' to steal metal from Port Talbot pipe that could leave people without gas

Police say the pipe is important to ensuring people can heat their homes and businesses can operate effectively. Credit: South Wales Police

A critical gas pipe used to heat homes and businesses across Port Talbot and the Neath Valley is being targeted by thieves for its metal.

Police have warned that damage to the pipeline could leave thousands without gas for a "considerable" amount of time.

But there is a serious safety concern too as pipeline damage could put lives at risk.

Natural gas is highly explosive and gas leaks can be detrimental to health.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Jules Simpson said anyone stealing metal from the pipeline is "putting themselves at great risk".

He added: “Not only are you breaking the law; you are risking serious harm or even death. We will identify and swiftly arrest those involved with the theft of these materials.”