Vanished Wales: Lovell's - The Newport chocolate factory that made sweet treats for generations

On the banks of the river Usk in Newport stands a factory that dates back to 1893.

Look closely and you’ll see a sign that says 'Lovell's' painted on the side of one of its red brick walls. 

The name belonged to one of Britain’s largest confectioners.

The family-run firm had its main manufacturing site in Newport. It was a huge employer in the city, with a largely female workforce. It wasn't unusual for mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts from the same family to find themselves working side by side on the factory floor.

Lovells was loved and adored across the UK.

Lovell and Co Ltd became famous for its Toffee Rex - advertised as the ‘King of Toffees’.

Its Milky Lunch bars are also remembered as a much loved staple of sweet lovers all over Britain.

But Newport’s chocolate empire began to crumble from the 1980s as a wave of buyouts and takeovers took their toll.

Eventually, the factory fell silent and Lovell's products gradually disappeared from the shelves of the nation’s sweetshops.

The factory is now home to a garage and recording studio among other things.

The old factory still stands today, but there’s no longer any chocolate production on the site.

The vast building has been divided up and is now home to a number of small local businesses.

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