School trip children in motorway near miss

Ysgol Lanhari bus crash featuring broken windows and damage to side of vehicle
The coach carrying the children was damaged in the collision which happened in southern Germany Credit: SWR photo

Welsh schoolchildren have been involved in a bus crash during a school ski trip to Austria.German media has reported that there was an accident near Landau, Germany, involving 63 young people on Tuesday morning.It is understood that they were pupils from Ysgol Llanhari, in Rhondda Cynon Taf, who were travelling in southern Germany while on their way to Austria. Media organisation SWR reported the young people were "temporarily accommodated in a gymnasium" after the crash.They said that the crash happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning and the crash involved a truck and the coach which was travelling in a different direction. It is reported that the two vehicles got too close to each other and brushed against each other.Pictures show extensive damage to the door and side of the coach, with lots of broken glass.

The driver of the bus suffered minor injuries after the windscreen was broken in the crash Credit: SWR picture

A report said: "Apparently the truck driver briefly looked at the navigation system and crossed the center line, according to an initial assessment by the police."The bus driver was reported to have been slightly injured by broken glass, but there were no other injuries. According to police, a total of 73 people were on the bus, including teachers and carers.In an Instagram story, the school said no pupils were injured in the crash and the local fire department provided food for the pupils while they waited for another bus to arrive.

No one was hurt in the crash Credit: SWR photo

A spokesperson for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council said: "The council can confirm that all pupils and staff from Ysgol Llanhari are safe following a road traffic incident in southern Germany, and that nobody was injured. Local emergency services were involved as a precautionary measure and confirm that all is well."The group, who were on their way to a skiing holiday in Austria, was supported at a local hall while alternative travel arrangements were made. The coach company has arranged for two new buses to pick up the group so they can continue their journey and resume the ski trip.“The headteacher of Ysgol Llanhari is in regular contact with the staff members who are accompanying the pupils on the trip and has provided several updates to parents and carers throughout the morning.“Staff have reported that the local emergency services have been a fantastic help, and the school and council would like to thank them for all they have done.."