CCTV shows moment car hits five-year-old girl and then drives away

Warning: Video contains upsetting scenes

CCTV footage of a speeding car colliding with a young girl before driving away has been provided by police.

South Wales police is investigating the collision, which occurred on Sloper Road in Cardiff.

The suspected vehicle, a grey BMW, overtook another vehicle waiting at the junction of Langham Way and Sloper Road. It then mounted the pavement, hitting a five-year-old girl, who was returning from the park with her mother and brother.

The girl, who had been riding her scooter along the pavement, suffered minor injuries.

The incident, occurred on Sunday, 24 March at around 5.50pm.

In a statement, a South Wales Police spokesperson said: "CCTV shows a speeding car mount the pavement, collide with a little girl, and drive off.

"Amazingly the little girl received only minor injuries, but the incident was understandably very frightening for her and her family.

"Officers are appealing for the driver or anyone with information to please contact South Wales Police."