Protestors condemned after 'harassing' Jacob Rees-Mogg at Cardiff University

  • Credit: Arthur Newman.

Protestors who "harrassed" a former UK Government minister outside Cardiff University have been condemned by both Labour and Conservative politicians.

Jacob Rees-Mogg spoke at an event hosted by the Cardiff University's Conservative and Unionist Association at Cardiff Students' Union on Friday evening (26 April).

The demonstration was organised by groups including the Wales Underground Network, who described the Conservative MP as a "zionist".

In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Mr Rees-Mogg can been seen leaving the campus with security keeping protestors from confronting him.

Some demonstrators attempted to block the car that Mr Rees-Mogg was in, with Cardiff University branding on the side, as it left the site.

Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden wrote on X: “How silly of these morons – whatever they think their cause is, they do it a disservice.

“I’m sure @Jacob_Rees_Mogg will have taken it in his stride but no elected politician should have to put up with this shrill intimidatory idiocy.”

Writing on the social media platform, the Wales Underground Network said: "Wales Underground Network "Mogg, and his ilk, are never welcome in Wales.

"No zionist politician should be able to walk our streets in peace, they shouldn’t be able to open their mouths without being shouted down."

The actions of the protestors have been condemned by politicians from both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.

Taking to X, Jo Stevens, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales and MP for Cardiff Central, said: "I'm concerned by footage of Jacob Rees-Mogg's treatment by protestors in Cardiff.

"I disagree with him on almost everything, but we cannot accept a culture of intimidation in our politics. The right to lawful protest is sacrosanct, but harassment and intimidation is unacceptable."

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd, Andrew RT Davies, said: "[This is] extremely disturbing to see. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

"Jacob will likely brush this off, but my worry is the effect it’ll have on others. I’ve no doubts people will think twice about speaking Cardiff University following these scenes. It must not be tolerated."

The university said it is currently "not clear" if any of those who took part in the protest were students and added the institution was committed to free speech.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “The protest was organised by a number of external organisations and protest groups.

"At this stage, it is not clear if any of our students were involved in the specific incident. However, we expect our students to behave in a way that respects the university community, as well as members of the public and visitors.

"We have procedures in place to investigate and take appropriate action against any student who falls short of this expectation.

“It’s worth pointing out that the speaking event went ahead without incident. The event was organised by the Cardiff University Conservative and Unionist Association.

"It was an all-ticket event open to Cardiff University students and in line with the University’s commitment to freedom of speech. It’s vital that we enable students to invite external speakers to discuss issues within the law, and with respect and tolerance.

“Universities are places where issues and debate are actively encouraged. We have a responsibility to facilitate and protect free speech, within the law, on our campus. It’s disappointing that a few individuals chose to disrupt the end of the event.”

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