Meet the oldest yoga teacher in Wales who says it is the most important thing in her life

  • ITV Wales journalist Issa Farfour reports

Clare has always been interested in movement, dance or anything that moves.

At 13 years old she became professional dancer and taught dancing until the age of 30, as she was getting older yoga became the most important thing in her life for 56 years.

Clare now is 90 years old and believed to be the oldest yoga teacher in Wales.

Clare said, “I just love yoga. It's absolutely my life. It really is, and it has to be a way of life, it's been part of my life since I was 30. So, I'm 90 now. I’ve been teaching yoga for 56 years and still love teaching it and I really want everyone to get the benefit of yoga”.

“Its lovely, it gives you flexibility, a lot of people can't even touch their toes. At 90 I can touch my toes and do lots of other things as well”.

Clare is a former professional dancer and she taught dancing to kids for many years.

“At 13 years old, I went for an audition to the Royal Academy, I then became a professional juvenile dancer. And so it's been a way of life for me from then, I was an acrobatic dancer and all types of dancing”.

“As I got older, I had a school of dancing, and I taught hundreds of kids to dance and then I just felt that there was nothing as important as yoga. And so I enjoyed my time from 3 years old doing just yoga, and to me, it's the joy of life”.

One of those in her class said, “I enjoy the exercise, the stretching, the way it makes you feel after, the relaxation and the health benefits, Clare is a brilliant teacher”.

Clare is thought to be the oldest yoga teacher in Wales, if not the UK. Credit: ITV Wales

Another participant has been coming to Clare’s classes for 25 years.

“It's just very relaxing, you come in here with everybody, we have a good team work together before the class starts.

“The exercise is good, is flowing. It feels when you watch it that there's not an awful it's not very taxing on the body, but it does stretch the body, it taxes the mind.

"You do everything with your mind, your body and your breath all together so that is all one. I enjoy the relaxation at the end and the chanting that we all do together”.

Clare started dancing aged 13 and hasn't stopped since. Credit: ITV Wales

“Yoga keeps you fit. It keeps you healthy and it keeps your body going even when you're 90”

Another person who has been part of Clare’s classes for 6 years said, “I've been coming here for about six years now with.

"With Claire, she got me into the yoga I thoroughly enjoy it. It's a way of relaxing after work. Gives you plenty of stretches, plenty of exercises to do. And it's just the mindfulness really and the peaceful sort of feeling that it brings to really helps you relax”.

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