Political regrets, 20mph and tax: Key debate moments as parties cross-examine each other

Three party representatives took to the stage for ITV Cymru Wales' debate on Sunday night, covering topics including tax, immigration, and the cost of living.

They were also each given the opportunity to cross-examine one another.

Behind the podiums were Conservative Welsh Secretary David TC Davies, Labour shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens and Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts.

So what were the key takeaways from Sunday's head-to-heads?

"Any regrets?"

All the representatives were given the opportunity to cross-examine their political rivals. Plaid Cymru's Liz Saville Roberts asked the Conservative representative if he had any regrets.

She said: "After 14 years of Conservative rule, public services in tatters, mortgages through the roof businesses struggling, what is your biggest regret?"

David TC Davies replied: "I haven’t got any regrets, public services in Wales as you know are for the Welsh Labour Government which you’ve been propping up so I think you should take some responsibility for the fact that we’ve got the lowest educational standards in the whole of the UK and the longest waiting lists."

"UK-wide 20mph?"

David TC Davies asked the shadow Welsh Secretary if we would see the introduction of a default 20mph speed limit across the UK, if Labour won the election.

Jo Stevens said: "What we do now, because statistics have just come out, is that in the first three months of the 20mph policy road accident casualties are down by a third. That’s hundreds of people in Wales who have not been injured or have not been killed as a result of that policy."

Jo Stevens was asked if she had confidence in the Welsh Government's First Minister. She replied, "Absolutely".

"Paying more tax?"

In her question to Liz Saville Roberts, Ms Stevens asked about Plaid Cymru's tax commitments. She said: "Would people pay more tax for Plaid Cymru's policies?"

Ms Saville Roberts replied: "The proposals that we are making would mean the broadest shoulders carry the weight.

"If we then we have to find a way of funding them."

Gender identity

David TC Davies turned his line of attack on Plaid Cymru's manifesto commitment to introduce gender self-identification. The party says it is "committed to equality of rights for all people".

The Welsh Secretary said: "I have a concern that your policy of self ID would mean that people who are physically male will be able to take part in sports with women and would have access to single sex spaces where women would expect to have privacy - whether that would be changing rooms, toilets, hospital wards or even prisons."

Liz Saville Roberts dismissed the Conservative's comments as "a distraction". She said, "you have long played this line of hatred".

"If we had a decent justice system that could assess the risk that individuals posed to our individuals, that wouldn't even be a question."

The three politicians also answered questions from Adrian Masters on key issues in our exclusive Barn Cymru poll.

They debated issues such as immigration and the health service.

You can watch the full ITV Wales Debate on ITVX. Reform UK, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party will take part in the ITV Wales Interviews, airing Monday June 17 at 11:10pm, ITV Cymru Wales.

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