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Welsh Conservatives question party's "non-existent" Welsh strategy

Credit: PA Wire

A source from the Welsh Conservatives has said the party's Welsh election strategy was non-existent.

Speaking to our Political Editor Adrian Masters, the source said the party in Wales was not shown the manifesto before it was published and was "effectively silenced".

It's astonishing that we weren't given sight of the final manifesto before its publication.

Andrew [RT Davies] was proactively replaced on the Saturday night before the Ask the Leader debate. The Assembly group was effectively silenced, muted. We were told not to issue any lines on Labour or Plaid during the campaign. Contrast that forcibly with the successful 2015 campaign which was run with a successful team Wales approach and the skills of Westminster & Assembly colleagues which resonated so well with the voters.

– Welsh Conservative source

'Sad day for liberalism in Wales' says Lib Dems

The Welsh Lib Dems tweeted this picture thanking Mark Williams and other campaigners for support Credit: Welsh Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats have labelled the loss of their only seat in Wales as 'a sad day for liberalism in Wales.'

It comes after their leader Mark Williams lost his seat to Plaid Cymru in Ceredigion, a constituency he has served since 2005.

It means no Lib Dem MPs will represent Wales in Westminster.

This is a sad day for liberalism in Wales. Wales has lost a true liberal voice in Westminster, a voice fighting for a more open, tolerant country.

Mark Williams has worked tirelessly for the communities of Ceredigion and for Wales since 2005, leading campaigns to change the legal definition of child neglect, to secure a better deal for milk farmers, and standing up for rural Wales.

This is a difficult result for us following the results in last year’s Assembly elections and we will need to take stock and consider how we move forward from here.

– Carole O’Toole, Chair of the National Executive Committee


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