Charity's blindness benefit call

The RNIB says there's a risk that changes to Disability Living Allowance will mean some blind people will have their benefits cut

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RNIB: 'DLA is vital to help blind people live a full life'

Alexandra McMillan, from RNIB Cymru, said Disability Living Allowance is vital to allowing someone to live independently. She criticised the idea of simply cutting it if a person doesn't use a guide dog.

"You have to look at the individual circumstances" she said.

"An awful lot of blind and partially-sighted people rely on their DLA to do basic things that sighted people take for granted - going to the shops or going to a doctor's appointment"

A spokesperson for the Department of Work & Pensions said the proposals mean "support will be focused on those who need it most", and that they "will look at an individual's needs, rather than labelling them by their health condition or impairment".


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