Cardiff fans say no to re-brand

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust members vote against controversial plans to change the club's shirt colour and badge

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Cardiff City fans react to chairman's announcement

There were a variety of responses from fans to this afternoon's announcement that the controversial plan to get Cardiff City to play in red has been dropped.

"For the future of the club they should have taken the money", one told ITV Wales.

Yet another said that the collective voice of the fans who protested needed to be recognised. "Surely 25,000 Cardiff fans every week...their opinion counts and matters a lot" he said.


Cardiff City scrap controversial plans for rebranding

The chairman of Cardiff City Football Club has announced that the team will continue to play in blue next season after all.

It comes after outcry from supporters over plans by the club's owners to introduce a red shirt for players, and to scrap the club's bluebird logo.

Acknowledging "vociferous opposition", Dato' Chan Tien Ghee said the club's management team would "reassess" the planned investment package, and warned "this may include looking for new and additional partners and investors".

This was not meant as a slight in any way shape or form on the club's traditions or history which we recognise are the lifeblood of any club.

It was intended as a positive change to allow us to adapt and embrace the future.

Notwithstanding a number of rumours there were no further plans to turn the stadium red or make other radical changes.

– Dato' Chan Tien Ghee, Cardiff City chairman

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones enters Cardiff City row

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has blasted Cardiff City's rebrand plans via the band's Twitter account.

"Is nothing sacred?" he said. "Speaking as a non Cardiff City fan, but as a full blooded Welshman, I have to say I am bemused by the news!"

"Changing the famous blue strip to red! Is this Malaysian gentlemen unaware we have a national team with such a strip. What's next - an Australian buying Manchester United and dressing them in stars and union jacks and calling them the red kangaroos?

"What happened to this great game?"


"Disbelief" over proposed Cardiff City branding

The Cardiff City Supporter Trust and the Supporters club have acknowledged the need to grow their international reputation but believe the proposed changes to both the colour of the Cardiff strip and the Bluebirds badge are a step to far.

To highlight their anger over the proposals the Supporter Trust Board have called an emergency meeting this Saturday.

The Supporter Trust Board said:

"A football club is not like any ordinary business which can be rebranded and traded without any thought for the fans.

"Cardiff City Football Club belongs to supporters and their families who have supported it through thick and thin. Most want to stick with the blue colours and the Bluebird on the crest. Of course we would like the City to become an international brand, but at what price?

" While we welcome the continued investment by our Malaysian owners, these changes ignore the history of the club and the attachment that generations of fans have for the logo and blue strip.

Footballing fraternity frown upon proposed kit colour change

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