Firefighters' safety concerns

Firefighters in Mid & West Wales say lives are being put at risk due to poor management of the force.

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Concerns 'lives could be lost'

Firefighters across Mid and West Wales fear lives could be lost because of changes in working practices. It comes just a week after the Fire Brigades Union spoke of its concern about plans to replace some frontline fire engines with smaller vans.

Some firefighters say that other changes within the service are also putting lives at risk. They say changes have been introduced in order to save money. And they argue that's a step too far, a claim that the man in charge of the service rejects.


Firefighters warn of cuts 'jeopardy'

Firefighters from Mid and West Wales say they're concerned for public safety.

Much of the service is now manned by so-called 'retained' fire crews. These aren't based at a station, but travel there from home or work to respond to an emergency.

Although the Chief Fire Officer says levels of emergency response haven't changed, some firefighters say that though this saves money, it adds time and could put lives at risk.

Firefighter Scott Edwards is one of those who are concerned.

"If you ask a member of the public their perception of the fire service it's when they're in need, the firefighters turn up in a fire truck to a respond to any emergency situation", he says.

"The cuts could put that in jeopardy."

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