Cancelled debate row

Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan has cancelled a planned debate on possible changes to the way Assembly members are elected in the future.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Welsh Secretary 'not present in PM talks' gibe

Although it was her answer to Ian Lucas which sparked the cancelled Green Paper debate row, Cheryl Gillan, the Wrexham MP's question was actually about assurances the First Minister claims the Prime Minister gave him that there'd be no major change without the agreement of the Assembly.

The Welsh Secretary said,

I am not aware of any firm commitments made by the Prime Minister.

These comments were little noticed in the furore that followed her cancellation of the debate. But they were noticed by someone because a Welsh Government source said to me,

The Secretary of State's words today were carefully chosen. This is understandable, given she was not present when the PM and FM discussed this matter.


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