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The First Minister is expected to make a statement after report into the circumstances of the death of a 10-year-old boy from Ystradynglais in 1990.

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First Minister: 'Robbie Powell was let down by a system that should have protected him'

The parents of a Welsh ten-year-old who died from a treatable disease in 1990 have finally been given an apology by the First Minister.

Doctors failed to diagnose that Robbie Powell was suffering from Addison's Disease.

Today, Carwyn Jones said his family were 'let down badly, by a system that should have protected him.'

Mr Jones also said he will be writing to the police to ask questions about their handling of the case.

Police express condolences to family but will not comment further

We acknowledge the presentation from the First Minister to the Welsh Government and the apology that has been tendered on behalf of the Welsh Government to the family of Robert Powell for the treatment that the family have received from the Health Service.

We note that there is a commitment from the First Minister to improve on the basis of lessons learnt as a result of this independent enquiry.

Whilst there is reference in the report to the Crown Prosecution Service and Dyfed Powys Police we note that it is accepted by the First Minister that the remit of the independent enquiry did not extend to any investigation of the actions of the Crown Prosecution Service or Dyfed Powys Police and in the circumstances it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at this juncture other than to again express our condolences to Mr and Mrs Powell.

– Dyfed Powys Police spokesperson

First Minister apologises for Robbie Powell's death

The First Minister has publicly apologised to the family of Robbie Powell, the 10 year old from Ystradgynlais who died after his treatable condition was not diagnosed. His parents have campaigned since his death in 1990 for lessons to be learnt and for what they consider to be justice for Robbie.

Robbie and his family have clearly been failed, let down badly, by a system that should have been there to protect them. Having read this report it justifies their anger. They are owed an apology. Although Robbie’s death occurred in 1990, long before the National Assembly for Wales was established, on behalf of the Welsh Government I apologise to Mr and Mrs Powell for the failings in the system which led to Robbie’s death and for the inadequate explanations that were subsequently offered to the family.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

Mr Jones was presenting to AMs the findings of an independent investigation that he announced in December 2010. He said a full public inquiry was not possible because the Home Office and the Attorney General's department did not support a joint inquiry that covered non-devolved matters.

The report calls for lessons to be learnt on how information is shared between doctors. The First Minister said there will be a statement later this year. He said he would also be writing to Dyfed Powys Police to ask why immunity from prosecution was granted during their investigation of the case.


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