Windfarm pylon plans

National Grid has announced its plans for the Mid Wales windfarm connection. Details that have been revealed include the proposed area where the substation will be built and the route the connection will take through Powys and Shropshire.

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Powys residents protest over windfarm plans

Protestors have condemned a plan that puts a small Mid Wales village at the centre of a hugely controversial scheme to connect wind farms to the National Grid.

Today National Grid said they wanted to build a new electricity substation at Cefn Coch, West of Welshpool, with a chain of pylons stretching from there into England.

But protest groups have attacked the proposal as a "travesty".

Rob Osborne was at the village with over 300 protestors.

Cefn Coch locals angry over substation plans

Details have been published of how a planned windfarm would be connected to the National Grid using scores of pylons across the Mid Wales countryside.

Cefn Coch in Powys has been named as the preferred site for National Grid's substation to convert the wind generated into electricity.

The plans are proving highly controversial, but National Grid says the preferred route has been picked after extensive consultation with local communities.

Rob Osborne reports from Cefn Coch where some locals are angry about the plans.


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