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The Welsh Government begins a consultation over plans to register and monitor how many children are being educated at home in Wales.

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'Not Back to School Picnic' held at Senedd

Home Educators in Wales are calling for handprints from all over the world to be sent to the Welsh Assembly Credit: Hands up for Home Ed

Home educators in Wales have urged people across the UK to help make hand prints containing messages of what Home Education means to them, as part of their 'Hands up for Home Ed!' campaign against the Welsh Government's consultation into Home Education.

Campaigners met outside the Senedd today for their annual 'Not Back to School Picnic'.


Consultation over plans to monitor home education in Wales

The Welsh Government has launched a consulation to introduce monitoring and regulation on Home Education. Today, parents who educate their children at home will hold a 'Not back to school' picnic outside the Senedd to campaign against the proposals.

It is very difficult for local authorities to carry out their duties to ensure that all compulsory school age children in their area are receiving a suitable education.

It is important to make clear that these proposals are not designed toprevent children from being home educated.

The Welsh Government recognises that home education covers a great many approaches to education, from autonomous child-led learning to more formally taughtcurriculum based approaches and these proposals do not seek to changethis.

– Welsh Government spokesperson
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