Landslide clear-up underway

Neath Port Talbot Council will begin restoring a site in the Swansea Valley after a landslide at Ystalyfera resulted in 13 homes being evacuated.

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Work begins to fully restore landslide area

The landslide in Ystalyfera forced nearby families to leave their homes Credit: ITV News

Neath Port Talbot Council have now cleared the site of a landslide in Ystalyfera and have started to work to restore the site to how it was before.

A spokesperson for the council said that so far this week they have spent time preparing the site, pulling out tree trunks and clearing the debris.

The landslide in the Swansea Valley happened in December and resulted in 13 families being forced to leave their homes.

Ystalyfera landslide clean-up operation begins

The landslide happened just three days before Christmas, forcing 13 families out of their homes Credit: ITV News

A clean-up operation begins in earnest today after a landslide in the Swansea Valley, which resulted in 13 families being forced to leave their homes.

Weeks of bad weather have hampered the clean-up, as well as causing further problems at the already unstable site.

Neath Port Talbot Council has already carried out safety work at Ystalyfera, but has been given the go-ahead by specialist engineers to start clearing the site properly.

The landslide happened just three days before Christmas, with many residents returning to their homes soon afterwards as they didn't wish to spend Christmas elsewhere.


Council: risk of further landslide

Neath Port Talbot Council has again told residents of eight homes in Ystalyfera in the Swansea Valley not to return to their houses, nearly two weeks after a landslide forced them out, days before Christmas. Many have ignored that advice and are already back home.

Specialist engineers have now carried out an initial survey of the hillside where it happened, and confirmed the council's assessment that there remains 'a risk of further landslip occurring in the area.'

This large storage container, dislodged by the landslide, has now been moved onto the road Credit: ITV News Wales
Other safety work has included clearing debris and trees away from electricity cables Credit: ITV News Wales

Ystalyfera Landslide area 'still unstable'

A large storage container, moved by the landslide, is still causing concern Credit: ITV News Wales

Neath Port Talbot Council has announced that it will carry out urgent safety work at landslide site in Ystalyfera over the next few days.

The council has continued to urge the eight households affected not to return to their homes as the risk of a further slippage still exists.

Specialist engineers have surveyed the hillside to advise on how and when work can start on clearing the landslide in the Pantteg area.

Heavy rain since Christmas and over the New Year period has caused further movement of mud and debris resulting in parts of the hillside continuing to be unstable.

Neath Port Talbot Council’s Director of Environment, John Flower, says the emphasis continues to be on safety and caution.

“This is a very delicate and complicated situation. We have to be extremely careful that any clearance work does not make the situation worse. There are thousands of tons of rock, debris and vegetation which have moved on the hillside so everything we do has to be carefully assessed and planned.”

The Council is again appealing for the public to continue to stay away from the area of the landslide.

More work at Ystalyfera after landslide

Council officers will spend another day examining a street in Ystalyfera in the Swansea Valley after a landslip on 22 December. 13 homes were evacuated after safety fears. But this weekend a number of residents moved back, against advice.

The council says it will be there to assess any further ground movements today and on New Year's Day - but that bad weather is hampering its efforts, and with the ground so unstable it has to be made safe before engineers can work on it.

The council has warned that the risk is not over Credit: ITV News Wales


NPT Council: Residents' welfare 'a key priority'

Neath Port Talbot Council says it is continuing to work with local residents and businesses to help the people affected by a landslide on Saturday 22 December. 22 people in 13 properties were advised to evacuate.

Specialist consultants will carry out a survey on the ground early in the New Year.

The bad weather is hampering survey work. Currently the ground is unstable so we have to ensure that the area is safe before engineers can enter. The welfare of residents and our staff remains a key priority.

– John Flower, Director of Environment at Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
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