Scientists' asthma discovery

Researchers at Cardiff University believe the discovery of fungi in healthy lungs will help develop future treatments for asthma.

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Cardiff University fungi discovery could help future asthma sufferers

This is not the first time researchers at Cardiff University have made the link between fungi and asthma. Previous research found that removing fungi from people's homes could help improve life for asthma sufferers.

Historically, the lungs were thought to be sterile. Our analysis found that there are large numbers of fungi present in healthy human lungs. The study also demonstrates that asthma patients have a large number of fungi in their lungs and that the species of fungi are quite different to those present in the lungs of healthy individuals

Establishing the presence of fungi in the lungs of patients with asthma could potentially open up a new field of research which brings together molecular techniques for detecting fungi and developing treatments for asthma.

– Dr Hugo van Woerden, Cardiff University

Fungi discovery helping asthma research

Researchers at Cardiff University say fungi offers new clues in treating asthma Credit: Clive Gee/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Researchers at Cardiff University say hundreds of tiny fungal particles found in the lungs of people suffering from asthma could help in developing new treatments.

It was previously thought that the lungs were sterile, but a new study undertaken by university researchers has found the presence of large numbers of fungi in healthy lungs.The researchers hope the discovery could lead to new lines of research and better treatments for sufferers in the future.


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