Horsemeat scandal: Welsh Government Response

The Welsh Government has been updating AMs on the horsemeat scandal with a statement in the Senedd.

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Opposition say more must be done to reassure consumers

The opposition in the Assembly have said more needs to be done to restore confidence in Welsh meat following the horsemeat scandal.

The cross-contamination of meat remains an issue of great concern, not just to members of the public but also to the industry itself, where the majority of small honest businesses are having their reputations severely damaged. It is crucial that we receive further information on the extent of contamination in our schools and hospitals as soon as it is available. It is clear that an improved and rigorous testing regime is going to be at the heart of restoring industry integrity and public confidence.

– Shadow Minister for the Environment Russell George AM

While I commend the swift action taken by the UK Government and the support offered by the Welsh Government; it is clear that a historic network of criminality and wrong doing has been exposed. This must be addressed at the European level. This scandal has clearly demonstrated the value of a short and transparent food chain and ensuring that the very best quality meat produce is available for sale on the shelves of supermarkets and in our butchers.

– Welsh Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson William Powell AM

Consumers 'have every reason' for confidence in food says minister.

Restoring confidence in the quality of our food is now a top priority, according to the Welsh Government minister dealing with the horsemeat scandal. Alun Davies has just told AMs that he's held talks with retailers about reassuring consumers.

Food in the United Kingdom is very, very safe. Food poisoning is at very, very low levels.The amount of contamination and the amount of adulteration is very, very small. So consumers have every reason to have every confidence in the food that they provide for their families.

– Deputy Minister for Agriculture Alun Davies AM


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