4G mobile auction results

Telecoms regulator Ofcom said its auction of 4G airwaves raised £2.3 billion, with the winning bidders named as O2 parent Telefonica, Hutchison 3G, Vodafone, EE and a subsidiary of BT. The Government had hoped to raise £3.5 billion.

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95% 4G broadband coverage for Wales 'by the end of 2017'

The popularity of smartphones has driven demand for data over mobile networks Credit: Press Association

Included in today's 4G spectrum auction results is an obligation for one provider to make sure at least 98% of the UK population can access mobile broadband speeds within five years.

Winning bidder Telefónica UK Ltd won the 800Mhz allocation, which means it will have to cover at least 95% of the population of each of the UK nations – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - by the end of 2017.


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