Who was St David?

A survey by Cadw, the Welsh heritage organisation, has found less than half of us know the story behind St David. It comes as First Minister Carwyn Jones announces plans for St David Awards to honour 'ordinary people who do extraordinary things'.

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St David Awards to honour 'remarkable achievements'

The First Minister says he wants recognition for those who 'genuinely make Wales a better place' Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive/Press Association Images

First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced plans for an awards scheme to recognise 'ordinary people who do extraordinary things' in Wales.

The St David Awards are due to be launched next year and will work via a nominations system.

The First Minister said: “I have often felt humbled by the extraordinary stories of individuals who work tirelessly, without publicity or self-interest, for the benefit of others and who genuinely make Wales a better place.

“Work is currently being carried out by my officials to identify the appropriate sectors for recognition and the deliberation process for making the awards."

Mr Jones said he would like to see 'a strong business component' in the awards, with the private sector properly recognised.

He added that he was also keen to see an accolade for those who help raise Wales' profile internationally.

Do you know the story behind St. David's Day?

Less that half of Welsh people know the legend about St. David Credit: Stephen Pond/EMPICS Sport

A survey by Cadw, the heritage organisation, has found that less than half of Welsh people know the story behind St. David's Day.

Legend has it that Saint David, or Dewi Sant in Welsh, travelled though south Wales and the west of England, founding religious centres along they way.

He had a strong and loyal following who believed he could work miracles. Tradition has it that he died on the first day of March in 589AD, and this date later became Wales's National Day.

Cadw is encouraging people to reconnect with their heritage on St. David's Day by opening its sites for free on 1st March.

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