Future vision for Cardiff unveiled

A new vision for developing Cardiff is being unveiled to business leaders today.

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Cardiff Council defends multi million pound investment

Cardiff Council's cabinet member for business has defended the city's multi million plans for the future of the capital. Russell Goodway said that the plans unveilled today would put Cardiff in a position that when the economy recovers would mean that the city can "take advantage of that growth."

The councillor said that "smart cities invest in infrastructure, invest in the training and skills of their populations so when businesses start to decide where they are going to locate they will go to those locations where there is an infrastructure that will support the development."


Tram linking Cardiff city centre and bay 'remains a priority'

Trams were reintroduced to Manchester as part of a regeneration project Credit: John Giles/PA Archive

Cardiff Council say that building a tram linking Cardiff Bay and the city centre "remains a priority." In the green paper published today, the council say that Light Rail Transit system would "encourage development and enable the expansion of the city centre southwards."

If built, it would follow a similar route to the current rail link to Cardiff Bay.

The paper also says that completing the Cardiff Bay link road to the east of the capital "remains a priority" to avoid people driving through the city.

A new Indoor Arena is also included in the plans along with new public open spaces.

It also suggests 6,000 new homes between Cardiff Bay and the city centre.

Cardiff unveils new vision for city

Plans for the future development of Cardiff will be unveiled to Wales' business leaders this morning.

The city council will be outlining its vision for the capital over the next decade and explaining how it plans to compete on the world stage and attract investment.

The green paper will say Cardiff needs to regain lost momentum with new multi-million pound developments in housing, business and leisure .

The plans are expected to cover the building of a city convention centre and indoor arena, more office space and an integrated transport system.

The council says Cardiff needs to brand itself throughout the world and make it an attractive place for inward investment.

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