New 'Severnside Airport' plan

A report published by think tank the Institute of Welsh Affairs proposes that Cardiff and Bristol airports should both be closed, and replaced with a new bigger 'Severnside Airport' built between Newport and Chepstow.

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The plan for a new 'Severnside Airport'

The Institute of Welsh Affairs report is proposing a new Severnside Airport:

  • Could be built on the edge of the estuary between Newport and Chepstow
  • Would take nearly 10 years to plan and build
  • Would have 10-11 million passengers a year from the start
  • Would have convenient access to the motorway system and the new electrified rail service
  • Would have minimal noise pollution, with planes able to take-off and land over water
  • Would become the UK's first purpose-built 24-hour cargo airport


Bristol Airport: Proposal is 'far-fetched'

Bristol Airport handles nearly 6 million passengers each year.

Bristol Airport reacted to the proposal it should be closed and replaced with a larger airport inside Wales by insisting it is "well positioned to meet the connectivity requirements of both regions in the medium and long term."

"No doubt the Airports Commission will receive many proposals for airport schemes right across the UK. It is important that these are deliverable solutions not somewhat far-fetched proposals reliant on the forced closure of a successful, privately owned airport which supports thousands of jobs."

Both Cardiff Airport and the Welsh Government have said they do not wish to comment while there is due diligence work ongoing, over the proposed takeover.

The Severnside Airport proposal has been submitted to the UK Government's Airports Commission, which is looking into airport capacity around the UK. The commission says it is not responding to individual bits of evidence currently.

New airport 'needed to replace Cardiff and Bristol'

Today's report says it will be 'a formidable challenge' to reverse Cardiff Airport's decline.

Cardiff Airport and Bristol Airport should both close, and be replaced by a new larger 'Severnside Airport' serving south west Britain, according to an influential think tank.

Research published today by the Institute of Welsh Affairs recommends the new airport should be built on the edge of the estuary between Newport and Chepstow, with convenient access to the motorway system and a newly-electrified rail service the key benefits.

The study, carried out by aviation consultants MSP Solutions, supports the Welsh Government's plan to buy Cardiff Airport, but only in the short term.

It warns there could be "a serious worsening of air connectivity" for Wales, unless something is done.

In 2003, the UK Government rejected a previous proposal for an airport to be built alongside the Severn estuary.

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