Travelling pair's Welsh wedding

Globe-trotting couple Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant from East Yorkshire are 'tying the knot' in each country they visit. Now it's Wales' turn!

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Wedding-mad couple 'spoilt for choice' in Wales

A Yorkshire couple who have 'tied the knot' all over the world say they were 'spoilt for choice' when choosing a Welsh location.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant will hold today's ceremony at Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire.

Alex and I decided we wanted to have a traditional Druid ceremony with a modern twist while in Wales, and where better to hold this ceremony than in front of the ancient yew tree tunnel at Aberglasney? We’re very much looking forward to being surrounded by the majestic nature and beauty of the gardens.

– Lisa Gant

Alex and Lisa had planned to marry before embarking on their three-year travelling adventure.

But when they couldn't agree on the type of wedding they wanted, they set off anyway - holding a small ceremony in each country with the aim of finding the perfect location.

At the end of their trip, Alex and Lisa - who jokingly admit that their unusual idea came about 'after a glass of wine or two' - will return to their favorite location to finally - and legally - tie the knot.

40th 'wedding' at Aberglasney for globe-trotting pair

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are holding a wedding ceremony in every country they visit. Credit:

A globe-trotting couple from East Yorkshire have chosen Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire as the location for their 40th 'wedding'.

Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant are travelling the world with their 25-year-old campervan Peggy, 'tying the knot' in every country they visit.

Their adventure began when the couple couldn't decide what sort of wedding they wanted.

Unable to reach a compromise, they embarked on a worldwide tour to find the perfect spot - and haven't looked back since.

The couple have held ceremonies at locations from Vegas to Ecuador - now it's the turn of Aberglasney Yew Tunnel near Carmarthen. Credit: Aberglasney Gardens

Since setting off, Alex and Lisa have held ceremonies in 39 different locations from Hawaii to Hollywood and Honduras to Houston.

Now it's the turn of Aberglasney’s ancient Yew Tree Tunnel to form the backdrop for celebration number 40.

The pair will hold a ceremony described as "traditionally Druid, but with a modern twist" at 4pm today.

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