Cardiff grime crackdown

Cardiff Council has launched a campaign to combat litter. The Usual Suspects scheme aims to prevent litter detracting from the city, and particularly its status on an international stage.

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Cardiff Councillor: 'You WILL be fined for littering'

Cardiff Council's Cabinet Member for Environment says today's Usual Suspects campaign, launched today, has a stark message: you will be fined for dropping litter.

Cllr Ashley Govier told ITV Cymru Wales: "Cigarette ends and chewing gum are still something we consider 'nuisance litter' and quite problematic to the authority.

"We're trying to educate people - litter does cause an issue in the streets."

Cardiff Council said 14 people were issued with a £75 on-the-spot fine today - the first day of the crackdown.

Cardiff littering crackdown continues

Cardiff Council says the money raised from fines is used to fund initiatives to combat littering and help the environment.


'No excuse' for dropping litter

Cardiff Council's 'Usual Suspects' campaign carries the message: "There's no excuse for dropping litter."

The anti-grime crackdown will focus on three main points:

  • Littering
  • Dog fouling
  • Fly tipping

The council's waste team is also telling dog owners there is a fine of £75 if caught not cleaning up after their dogs.

Survey reveals extent of litter

A survey by Keep Wales Tidy reveals the impact of litter across the country.

The key points are:

  • 86.5% of surveyed streets had smoking-related litter on them
  • In the worst affected areas, 96.4% of streets were littered with smoking-related litter, predominantly cigarette ends

The Welsh Government is committed to removing the blight of litter from our streets.

Litter is one of the most common forms of abuse that people inflict on the environment of Wales; it is damaging for Wales' local environment and wildlife, and has been shown to have significant negative implications for our economy, through its effect on both tourism and inwards investment.

It is also clear that it has a damaging effect on the general wellbeing of people and their communities.

– John Griffiths, Welsh Government Environment Minister

Litter crackdown 'key for Cardiff's international image'

Cardiff Council's launch of its 'Usual Suspects' litter campaign is seen as an essential part of maintaining the city's international image.

Cardiff is a city that is regularly on show across the world as we host so many high profile sporting and cultural events.

It is a major strength that we can put on blue riband events so well with a range of council departments pulling out all the stops to support them.

We can all do our bit to enhance our worldwide reputation even further by thinking about how we get rid of the litter we all produce.

– Cllr Ashley Govier, Cardiff Council

Cardiff litter crackdown

Cardiff Council are aiming to cut down on litter. Credit: PA

Cardiff Council is launching its 'Usual Suspects' litter campaign.

It aims to reduce the amount of litter in the city and ensure that the streets of the capital are kept clean.

It costs taxpayers around £7m a year to keep the city clean with cigarette butts, chewing gum and dog mess often on streets.


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