Tory plans for Cardiff Airport

Welsh Conservatives are to set out plans to boost the fortunes of Cardiff airport and then re-sell it to the private sector, sharing the profits with every Welsh taxpayer

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Twitter reaction to Tory airport plans

Labour welcomes Tory airport 'u-turn'

Labour has responded to plans set out by the Welsh Conservatives to boost the fortunes of Cardiff Airport with a view to re-privatising it by saying that the decision to accept the airport's public ownership is a 'welcome u-turn.'

After months of burying his head in the sand, it's encouraging to see Andrew RT Davies now finally making this welcome u-turn and backing the Welsh Labour Government's interventionist approach.The Welsh Conservatives have been swimming against a wave of public opinion so it's no surprise to see them change tack and finally admit they've got it wrong.

We welcome the fact the Welsh Tories have joined the Welsh Labour Government in calling for the devolution of Air Passenger Duty. We now look forward to them stating publicly what representations they’ve made to the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer on this issue.

– Vaughan Gething AM, Labour


'Right airport structure in place' say government

The Welsh Government has responded to the Welsh Conservatives' plans to pay back the money they say every taxpayer has invested in Cardiff Airport.

"It has always been our intention for the Airport to be successful as possible in a highly competitive industry, managed at arm’s length from Government on a commercial for-profit basis. Whilst we do not rule out future changes to the operational model, we are satisfied that we have the right structure in place to enable the Airport to move forward with confidence as a major piece of economic infrastructure for Wales and a high-quality facility for passengers.

"While the Airport actively engages with international carriers with the aim of increasing both passenger numbers and freight capacity, we continue to explore options for improved infrastructure links to the Airport site and have already asked the Silk Commission for the devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales."

– Welsh Government spokesman

Boost airport ahead of payback - Shadow minister

We believe that after a period of revitalisation, investment and growth, that Cardiff Airport should be sold as a vibrant economic hub and that every taxpayer should get their £38.50 dividend back and share in the proceeds of growth.

Cardiff Airport should be seen as Wales’ gateway to the world, but unfortunately the airport is suffering from neglect and a lack of leadership and vision.

Welsh Conservatives opposed the Welsh Labour Government’s decision to nationalise Cardiff Airport, but now it is in public hands, we need to make it a success.

– Byron Davies AM, Shadow Transport minister

Conservatives' airport 'blueprint'

In order to fulfil their pledge to re-privatise Cardiff Airport, the Welsh Conservatives are to unveil a 'blueprint' for improving the number of passengers and routes on offer. The plan includes the following steps:

  • Establish a new ‘Airlines’ Director’ to attract new airlines to the airport
  • Devolve Air Passenger Duty to Wales and then reduce rates to improve competitiveness
  • Better marketing overseas
  • Improve public transport links to the airport and plan long-term road improvements
  • Boost freight through the airport by offering competitive rates to businesses

Tory plan to pay back taxpayers' airport money

Cardiff Airport Credit: ITV News

The Welsh Conservatives say they'd give back to every taxpayer in Wales the money which was spent by the Welsh Government on their behalf buying Cardiff Airport plus a share of any profits made. The party will set out a long-term plan to 'double the value' of the airport before re-privatising it.

The Tories say that profits from the sale would then be divided between spending on infrastructure and the planned payout which would amount to £38.50 'invested' in the airport by each taxpayer plus a share of the profits.


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