Tories' M4 'service station summit'

Welsh Conservative MPs and AMs throw their weight behind a campaign to upgrade the Newport stretch of the M4, prompting speculation that an announcement may be imminent

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Tory 'service station summit' on M4

Conservative MPs and AMs meet business leaders at Magor services Credit: ITV News, Adrian Masters

Conservative MPs and AMs have met business leaders to push the case for a major upgrade to the M4 motorway around Newport. They held a mini summit at Magor Service station to ensure the UK Government gets the message that an upgrade is long overdue.

Wales Office minister Stephen Crabb represented the government and told those at the meeting that the message was being heard loud and clear at the highest levels in Westminster.

It's thought an announcement could come within the next week or so on a deal between the UK and Welsh Governments on a way to fund significant improvements to the stretch of motorway.


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