Campaign against puppy farms

Animal welfare campaigners say Wales has the unenviable title of 'Puppy Farming Capital of the UK' and want the Welsh Government to outlaw them.

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Dog campaigners disappointed but fight on

Campaigners against 'puppy farming' say they're disappointed that the Welsh Government has withdrawn an attempt to tighten up rules on dog breeding. The regulations will be reintroduced in the autumn following a fresh consultation.

Linda Goodman of the campaign group CARIAD says she's disappointed by a further delay but says the group 'won't walk away' from the consultation, adding that 'our only concern is the welfare of dogs and the only thing we're interested in is that the regulations are fit for purpose.'

'Puppy farm' clampdown rules dropped

The Welsh Government has been forced to withdraw new rules which were supposed to clamp down on puppy farming. Natural Resources Minister, Alun Davies, says it's because of 'a lack of clarity' over the ratio of dogs allowed per breeder.

New regulations will be introduced in the autumn after a fresh consultation over the summer. Opposition politicians had previously warned about the lack of clarity in the current regulations.

Campaigners have been calling for the rules to be tightened saying that Wales had earned the reputation of being 'puppy farming capital of the world.'


Wales the 'puppy-farming capital' of UK

Animal welfare campaigners want unregulated puppy breeders banned by the Welsh Government Credit: PA

Campaigners will hold a rally outside the Senedd in Cardiff today calling for an end to unregulated dog breeding.

It comes on the same day as the Welsh Government publishes its Animal Welfare Regulations.

The protest comes ahead of a vote by assembly members on July 2nd on whether to adopt new laws.

The charity CARIAD says dogs and puppies suffer in establishments failing to show proper care and respect for their needs.

Many, it adds, are kept confined in pens, with minimal or no exercise and with lack of essential veterinary care.

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