Pair jailed for farmer murder

Two men from Cambridgeshire who murdered a retired Welsh farmer have been sentenced to a total of 46 years in jail. Llywelyn Thomas was beaten to death at home during a burglary.

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Retired Welsh farmer's killers jailed for 46 years

Llywelyn Thomas was beaten to death in his home in December 2011.

Two men who murdered a Welsh pensioner at his home in Cambridgeshire have been jailed for a total of 46 years.

Frankie Parker, 26, has been given a 24-year sentence. Gary Smith has been jailed for 22 years.

Llywelyn Thomas was 71, and originally from Cefn Cribwr, near Bridgend.

He was a retired farmer who moved to Cambridgeshire to be near his family.

Frankie Parker, 26, and Gary Smith, 21, are from Fen Road travellers site in Chesterton. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police


Murdered farmer was 'kind and unassuming'

Llywelyn Thomas was originally from Margam before moving to be closer to family in Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV

The Crown Prosecution Service says a retired farmer, originally from Margam, who was murdered by two men who burgled his Cambridgeshire home was described by his family as "a smiling and likeable man who was generous, modest, kind and unassuming".

Llywelyn Thomas, who was 76 and had moved to be closer to his family, was in good health and enjoyed an active life until it was cruelly cut short say the CPS who issued a statement after two men were found guilty of his murder today.

“Mr Thomas’ family and friends have had to listen to distressing evidence during this trial and we hope the verdict brings them some comfort," said CPS East of England Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Frank Ferguson.

The court heard Mr Thomas was subjected to a brutal attack by two men who savagely beat him to death in his own home a week before Christmas 2011. Today, Frankie Parker and Gary Smith have been convicted at Cambridge Crown Court of his murder.

In court both admitted being in the house but each blamed the other for the death of Mr Thomas.

Men guilty of murder after pensioner 'left for dead'

Llewelyn Thomas, originally from south Wales, was found dead at his home in Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV

Two men who battered a widowed farmer to death in his own home have been found guilty of murder.

Llywelyn Thomas, 76, was found dead in his home in December last year after neighbours became concerned that the lights had been left on all night.

Mr Thomas who was originally from the Bridgend area before moving to Cambridgeshire was set to have been subject to a "horrific attack ".

Gary Smith, 21, of Fen Road travellers' site, Chesterton,and his nephew, Frankie Parker, 26, of Nene Road, Ely, had both denied murdering Mr Thomas as they burgled the property.

A jury at Cambridge Crown Court found both men guilty of murder today after less than two hours of deliberations. They will be sentenced on Friday.

The court heard Smith and Parker had raided Mr Thomas's home but instead of leaving Mr Thomas unhurt, perhaps even bound upstairs, they set about a savage beating and he was left for dead on the upstairs landing.

Father-of-one Mr Thomas, originally from Cefn Cribwr had lived alone since the death of his wife about 10 years earlier.

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