Year-round caravan crackdown

A consultation is launched by Assembly Member Darren Millar on his plans to better regulate the holiday caravan industry in Wales, including making it harder for people to use a holiday caravan as their main home.

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Holiday caravan industry 'a great Welsh success story'

Darren Millar says the holiday caravan industry is "a great Welsh success story" but his Holiday Caravan Park (Wales) Bill aims to crack down on operators and residents who "do not stick to either the spirit or the letter of the law."

The holiday caravan industry is a great Welsh success story which sees thousands of tourists flock to all parts of Wales every year.

However, the industry is not without its problems and from discussions I have had with constituents and those who know the industry well, I am aware that a minority of site operators and residents do not stick to either the spirit or the letter of the law.

My Bill will seek to tackle these and other issues which I believe need to be addressed within the industry.

– Darren Millar, Clwyd West Assembly Member


Consultation on regulation of caravan sites

Darren Millar says he would like to hear from caravan site owners and operators, people who own or rent caravans in Wales and local authorities in his consultation on the future regulation of the industry.

The consultation questions include:

  • How can the issue of people occupying holiday caravans as their sole or main residence best be dealt with? What is the scale of this problem and what impact will it have on the holiday caravan industry in the longer term?
  • What impact do people occupying holiday caravans as their sole or main residence have on holiday caravan sites and local communities?
  • What risks are associated with people occupying holiday caravans on a permanent basis?

It also asks for views on the regulation of caravan site owners and managers, and site licences.

The consultation closes on 13 September.

You can take an online survey as part of the consultation.

AM targets people using holiday caravans as homes

Current legislation on holiday caravan sites in Wales dates back to 1960.

A new law could be introduced in Wales, cracking down on the number of people who use holiday caravans as their main homes, and so reducing the cost of providing public services to them.

Clwyd West AM Darren Millar is proposing a bill to improve the regulation of the holiday caravan industry, and has launched a consultation on the plans.

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