The world's 'first' talking teddy

A Welsh entrepreneur has created what he says is the first talking teddy bear. He's hoping the "supertoy" will be on the shelves for Christmas.

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'Talking bear' garners support of comedian Stephen Fry

Ashley Conlan's teddy bear has a Scottish accent and is able to 'converse' with children

A Welsh entrepreneur has attracted the support of actor and comedian Stephen Fry as he aims to create what he claims is the world's first 'naturally talking' teddy bear.

Tech expert Ashley Conlan from Abergavenny has relied on donations using the crowd-funding website Kickstarter to help fund the project.

Stephen Fry tweeted that he 'couldn't resist' supporting the talking teddy Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

He is now celebrating after reaching the £30,000 milestone needed to see him go into production, and hopes the toy could be on shelves by Christmas time.

The bear uses artificial intellligence, a smartphone app and thousands of pre-scripted answers to 'converse' with children.


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