Stoptober gets underway

The 28-day Stoptober campaign gets underway today. It aims to help those addicted give up the habit.

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Smokers urged to 'take first step' in quitting

The Stoptober campaign aims to help people quit smoking by helping those addicted to understand why they smoke. The 28-day campaign starts today across Wales.

"The benefits of giving up smoking are immediate, whatever your age. Within weeks your breathing will improve and the risk of serious illness starts going down.

"Stop Smoking Wales helps people who want to quit understand why they smoke, and our specialist advisors provide practical support. Thousands of people contact the service every year and with the help of the service a good percentage quit the habit.

"So take the first step, sign up to Stoptober and pick up the phone to make an appointment with to Stop Smoking Wales. The service is here to help you."

– Carol Owen, Stop Smoking Wales

Health minister promotes benefits of not smoking

The health minister Mark Drakeford has promoted the health benefits of stopping smoking as Stoptober gets underway across the country.

"I applaud all those that will be giving up smoking in October.

"Stopping smoking for 28 days means that you're five times more likely to stop for good and the benefits will become clear in just a few weeks.

"People who give up smoking will not only reduce their risk of heart disease and lung cancer but they will also have financial benefits.

"The Stoptober campaign aims to raise awareness of the benefits of giving up smoking and the free support available through Stop Smoking Wales."

– Mark Drakeford, AM Health Minister


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