Terror group 'Cardiff recruits'

A recruitment video from militant group al-Shabaab, which attacked a shopping centre in Kenya last month, claims some of its members hail from a number of British cities, including Cardiff.

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Expert: 'Cause for concern' but Cardiff is not unusual

Dr Bela Arora, an expert on terrorism from the University of South Wales, said there is "some cause for concern" in terms of claims of links between Cardiff and militant groups - but the challenges we're facing are not disproportionate to many other large cities of similar size and demographic."

"There have clearly been some incidences over the years, which have caused concern about extremism and radicalisation, but these are relatively small in number."

"I think we're still at that stage where we're able to live with confidence and co-exist with this notion of a small but present level of threat that exists."

She said, in terms of counter-terrorism, there is "a great deal of work that's going on in Wales".

  1. Rob Osborne

Terrorist group al-Shabaab claims it recuits from Cardiff

Community leaders say they are shocked by claims that people from Cardiff have joined the terrorist group al-Shabaab in Somalia.

They are the group that claimed responsibility for the Nairobi shopping centre attack in which more than 60 people were killed.

The claim has been made in a video boasting about the exploits of the organisation.

It comes as a leading terrorism expert has told ITV News that the capital city is viewed as having a "problem with radicalisation."


Somali community: Nobody from Cardiff is radicalised

A member of the Somali community in Cardiff told our reporter Rob Osborne that he is shocked by the claim from al-Shabaab that it has recruited members from Cardiff - as "I have not come across anybody who would have sympathy with a terrorist organisation."

"I haven't heard of anybody being radicalised. In the past there were people who attempted to radicalise our young people in Cardiff, however all their attempts failed."

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said young people in the Somali community in Cardiff "see al-Shabaab as a radical, terrorist organisation - and they don't want to have anything to do with it".

"We are working hard to give our young people the right information about their religion, so anybody who comes to them with these radical views about harming themselves and harming other people - they will simply reject."

"I am very surprised. Whoever says that Cardiff is one of the cities in the UK that might have some sort of link with al-Shabaab... that is baseless."

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