Healthy living could cut risk of dementia

Scientists at Cardiff University have found that regular exercise can reduce the risk of dementia.

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Healthy lifestyle could help reduce risk of dementia

Living a healthy lifestyle could dramatically reduce the risk of developing dementia - according to a major piece of new research. A study of more than two thousand middle-aged men in Caerphilly found the risk can be cut by 60 percent.

Exercise was the key factor but cutting out on drinking alcohol and smoking, as well as eating more healthy food could also have a huge impact. Our correspondent Carole Green reports.

New study finds dementia risk reduced by exercise

Recent surveys show that less than 1% of people in Wales live a completely healthy lifestyle Credit: PA

A study which has taken over 35 years to complete has found that exercise can reduce the risk of dementia.

Cardiff University scientists have found that healthy behaviours including no smoking, low alcohol intake, healthy eating and regular exercise can reduce the effects of dementia.

Over 2,235 men were surveyed over 35 years in what is one of the longest investigations into the influence of environmental factors in a chronic disease.

The people who consistently lived a healthy lifestyle had a 60 per cent decline in dementia and cognitive decline.


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