Chance encounter: Dog and owner reunited after ten years

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Chance has finally been reunited with his owners after vanishing in 2004.

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Dog reunited with owner 'day before being put down'

Chance vanished in Barry in 2004, turning up in Newport last week - his owner has no idea what happened to him in between

A student reunited with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier after ten years apart has told ITV News he has no idea what happened to his pet during that time.

Sion Cox, who was 12 when Chance went missing, said: "We don't really have any idea. He seems calm... I don't think he's been fighting or anything!"

Mr Cox picked Chance up last Thursday after a kennel traced him back to the family through his microchip.

Incredibly, Chance was due to be put down one day later.

Poignantly, Mr Cox - now 21 - added: "He's not in the best of shapes now. Basically we just want to give him the best life we can. Feed him, take him out for walks, play... and just see how long he goes for.

"He's nearly 13, so he's an old man now."


Chance encounter: Missing dog returns after ten years

Chance vanished in 2004 but has finally been reunited with his owners

A much-loved pet has been reunited with its owners after going missing for a decade.

Chance the Staffordshire Bull Terrier disappeared from his family's home in Barry in May 2004.

Distraught owner Sion Cox, who was just 12 years old when his beloved pet went missing, spent months searching the local area and handing out leaflets - to no avail.

Fast-forward ten years and Mr Cox, now 21, received a phone call out of the blue to say Chance had been found wandering the streets of Newport.

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