Apology call as 30th anniversary of Miners' Strike nears

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith said the legacy of pit closures is still felt in former mining communities. Today, the Prime Minister rejected calls for an apology.

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PM rejects Labour call for apology over Miners' Strike

The UK Government is being urged to apologise for the actions of Margaret Thatcher's government during the Miners' Strike of the 1980s.

The walkout heralded the eventual closure of many Welsh pits, a blow - some say - from which our mining communities never fully recovered.

But Prime Minister David Cameron says it's others who should be doing the apologising.

James Crichton-Smith reports.

Minister: no apology to mining communities

Ministers will not apologise for the treatment of mining communities by Margaret Thatcher's government during the 1984/5 miners' strike because it was held without a proper national ballot, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude says.

The majority of Wales' miners went on strike

Mr Maude said those campaigning for reconciliation and transparency will have to wait to see any Cabinet papers from the time of the strike when they are released under the 30-year rule.


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