Behind the scenes with ITV's Wales news and programmes

Ever wondered how a television show is made? Follow our presenters, reporters and production teams as we produce the day's programmes.

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Behind the scenes at ITV Wales: Catch up

We've taken you behind the scenes of ITV's Wales news and programmes

Today we've been running #ITVWalesLive - an opportunity to see how our news and programmes are made at ITV Cymru Wales.

Our presenters, reporters and production teams have been sharing updates throughout the day.

To follow: Sharp End and the late Wales bulletin

The 6pm programme is now off the air, but a small team stays on to produce the late bulletin at 10.30pm.

Adrian Masters and the Sharp End team are also in the studio to record tonight's edition.

The Sharp End set is one of four sets in Studio 2 at Culverhouse Cross

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  1. Ruth Wignall

Minutes to go until the 6pm Wales news...

So the promo at 5.35pm is done, and we're checking through scripts to make sure everyone is happy...

As the presenters prepare to go on air, Adrian Masters is ready for his live from the Senedd

Any mistakes, now is the time to point them out! Gallery check they are happy with picture and sound levels. We're happy with cameras, and know exactly how the programme will shape-up.... of course, the thing with live tv is - there are no guarantees! And anything can happen!

Our 'Traffic' team make sure the live linkup with Cardiff Bay is secure


Behind the scenes: Preparing for Daybreak bulletins

The morning bulletin is put together by three people - a presenter, director and producer.

The presenter takes the helm, and is ultimately in charge of how the bulletin looks and sounds.

Behind the scenes it's the producer's job to check the bulletin content, i.e. pictures, interviews and script, and make sure everything's ready to go to air.

When everything's ready to go, it's the director's job to play out the bulletins, making sure it all goes smoothly.

The team listen closely to the Daybreak team in London, via a desk speaker, to make sure they know where the bulletins fit in the programme - it's very important to get timings right!

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