Leanne Wood attacks UKIP at Plaid Cymru conference

Plaid Cymru holds its spring conference in Cardiff, focusing on the forthcoming European election.

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UKIP 'horrified' by Plaid's 'un-Welsh' criticism

UKIP's candidate in the European elections, Nathan Gill, has now issued a full response to Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood's criticism of UKIP as 'un-Welsh.'

I have been called today by dozens of our supporters and members who are horrified by Plaid Cymru Leader, Leanne Woods claim that somehow to vote UKIP means that you are un-Welsh.

We understand that Plaid Cymru is afraid of losing their coveted MEP, as a recent ITVWales/YouGov opinion poll shows that UKIP are now polling 20%, well above Plaid.

However, for the party to descend to gutter politics and mud slinging is bigoted and outrageous. They are very much one of the establishment parties, and have now closed ranks with the LibLabCon in trying to attack UKIP and our supporters, instead of presenting their own case.

Are Plaid Cymru really saying that the 100,000 of people in Wales who will be voting UKIP on May the 22nd are not Welsh?

And who was it who made Leanne Wood and Plaid Cymru the arbiters of who is and isn’t Welsh?

Jonathan Edwards, the Plaid Cymru MP showed the true colours of Plaid Cymru politics by attacking our Wales Rugby Captain, Sam Warburton, questioning his captaincy just because he feels that he is British.

– Nathan Gill, UKIP

UKIP hits back at Plaid's 'un-Welsh' criticism

UKIP has begun responding to criticism from Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood. In her speech to Plaid's conference in Cardiff, she's expected to say that 'a vote for UKIP is a vote against Wales.'

UKIP's lead candidate in the European election, Nathan Gill, has taken to twitter to hit back.


Don't be fooled by Plaid's Euro promises say Lib Dems

The Welsh Liberal Democrats say their supporters won't be fooled into voting for Plaid Cymru in the forthcoming European elections. Plaid's leader Leanne Wood has urged disaffected Lib Dems to back her party in May's vote.

But Lib Dem Euro candidate, Alex Dauncey, says Plaid's aim of independence risks separating Wales from the EU. And he made his own appeal, urging Plaid voters to back the Lib Dems

People won’t be fooled by this. After all, Plaid’s whole existence is based on separation and isolation. If their dream of independence was realised, Wales would have to reapply for EU membership which would create huge uncertainty around our economic future and threaten our trade links. If Plaid had their way they would put thousands of jobs and billions of pounds of investment at risk.

While Lib Dem MEPs have been working hard in Europe to promote Welsh jobs and businesses, Plaid has consistently voted against job creating measures. For example, they opposed the EU-US free trade agreement which could bring thousands of jobs and an extra £10 billion to the UK economy. There is a world of difference between our two parties’ approaches to Europe and it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of ‘in’. Plaid's position on Europe is confused by their desire for Welsh independence. The Conservatives are openly flirting with exit and the Labour Party doesn’t have the courage of their convictions and won’t lift a finger to keep Britain in the EU. If you are a Plaid voter and recognise the benefits of a more devolved Wales, in Britain, in Europe, and want to send a clear message to the dangerous fringes of UKIP, then you should vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

– Alec Dauncey, Welsh Liberal Democrats
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Euro vote danger for Plaid Cymru

All four political parties will focus on the European Elections in their spring conferences, but for Plaid Cymru there's an extra urgency stemming from the very real prospect of losing its seat in the European Parliament, a possibility highlighted by our recent Wales Barometer poll.

Privately party chiefs acknowledge the threat of failing to return an MEP for the first time since the present voting system was introduced in 1999 and realise that it would be a big blow to Plaid and to its leader.

That, along with a strong belief that Wales benefits from being part of the EU, explains the attacks on UKIP's 'isolationist politics of division' that you can expect in Leanne Wood's speech as well as her appeal to Lib Dem and Green voters to back Plaid rather than stay at home on polling day.

Plaid leader's attack on 'un-Welsh' UKIP

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood is expected to make a strong attack on UKIP at her party's conference in Cardiff, warning that Wales risks being 'dragged to the margins' if UKIP gains a lot of support in the forthcoming European election. She's expected to say:

I say to UKIP today: your politics are un-Welsh and have no place in our country not now, not ever. Your values are not the values of Wales. A vote for UKIP is a vote against Wales. A vote against the Welsh national interest.

She's also expected to urge Liberal Democrat and Green voters not to stay at home but to back Plaid Cymru in May's election. She'll say that the vote represents a choice between 'two futures' and warn that if UKIP prevails, Wales 'faces being dragged to the margins by a wave of damaging Europhobia.'

The Plaid leader is also expected to draw a contrast between what she calls 'Labour's lack of ambition' and positive policies set out by her party. Leanne Wood is due to deliver her speech this afternoon.


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